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At Metal Roofing Overland Park we provide professional installation of metal roofing to Overland Park residents. Metal roofing is a great option for residential and commercial buildingsconsidering the many alternatives available for roofing. It is becoming more and more popular and many Overland Park homeowners prefer metal over other roofing materials.

One of the main reasons is the longevity of your roof can be enhanced by the high performance metal used in the roofing. Metal roof manufacturers give a guarantee of up to 4 decades and these roof tops could actually last longer with little maintenance. Some have the potential to last for more than 75 years. A correctly installed roof and using a metal material of high quality can even last longer than the house!

Metal Roofing Advantages

Our metal roofers understand that metal roofs are better than roofs constructed using some other conventional materials. It’s lifespan is between two and three times longer than normal roofs. It can withstand strong wind, rain and snow. Even in serious circumstances, such as harsh weather and tornados, it can operate just as well.

Metal roofs resist undesired pests, mildew, toxic molds and algae. In moist weather, it will not get harmed or decline. The biggest benefit is that it is fireproof. It won’t burn like wood and asphalt shingles, so in case of an emergency you will be given additional protection.

Metal roofs are much lighter and can be readily installed over current rooftops than other materials. These rooftops are also renowned for their ecological character. It can be recycled and is often made up of 60-65% recycled material. They also save you money and do not require much maintenance.

An Energy Star metal roof reflects direct sunlight and makes your house cooler and much more energy efficient. The best part of modern metal roofs is that they come in numerous colours and styles. They can now even look like asphalt shingles!

metal roofing overland Park

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Here are only a few reasons why you should select us to repair or replace your next roof:

  • You understand that the products we install will last in your home. We only give you the best, branded roofing material.
  • You can rest assured that the work will be finished correctly. Our roofers are chosen especially for their expertise, and capacity to ensure that the manufacturer and industry requirements are followed when installing your roof.
  • You’re going to be left in the lurch. Our Overland Park homeowners take pride in outstanding client service. What does this imply? We will always answer your call during business hours. Or if we’re busy on a roof, you’ll receive a telephone call back as quickly as possible. Regardless of the problem, we are always available to you.
  • You understand that your roof will be properly installed. All our assembly crews are led by an expert, long-term project manager. We also adhere to all installation techniques suggested by the manufacturer. And of course, all our facilities comply with Overland Park building codes of roofing.
  • You understand that we’ll be there to assist you if you run into a problem in the future. Metal Roofing Overland Park provides a complete iron clad work guarantee on all our residential and commercial roofing projects. This makes sure that we are taking care of it. No questions asked, if you have a leak or any trouble with our installation.

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