Our Roofing Shingles Kansas City purpose is to provide extra service and comfort by storing what you need, where and when you need it. We are one of the main manufacturers of shingles for roofing, residential roofing, concrete roofing, slate roofing, tile roofing, doors and skylights.


Whether you are a homeowner with a one-time roofing project or a seasoned contractor with numerous teams and projects-regardless of the size of your work-our professional and courteous team will assist you in any area and make your task our top priority. 


We are proud to offer all three of these roof shingles, and our team would be pleased to help you figure out which one is right for your home. We offer professional equipment and only use the finest materials and shingles for roofing.

Contact Bordner today for more data on the roofing systems we give homeowners in Kansas City, MO, area. Don’t forget to ask about our easy financing options available to all eligible homeowners.

 We understand that you need a roof that not only looks great and offers excellent protection against the weather, but can also stand the test of time. For superior roofing and siding services and related building materials, backed by the finest customer service, bar none, contractors and homeowners across the North Central United States have relied on us since 1954.The Roofing Shingles Kansas City Supply provides from a wide range of suppliers roofing and siding products and accessories, from asphalt shingles to wood shakes and slate.

The Roofing Shingles Kansas City

As Kansas City residents,  need to upgrade their homes with steel roofing, many of them choose the business with years of experience–they’re choosing Roofing Shingles Kansas City Seamless. Not only is Roofing Shingles Kansas City elegant and stylish steel roofing, it’s also extremely durable. The Roofing Shingles Kansas City is a true lifetime solution, providing simplicity and longevity that can’t be found with other roofing material. With an The Roofing Shingles Kansas City, you will never have to re-roof your home again once it’s built!


If you’re ready to upgrade your roofing system, you may wonder which shingles in the Kansas City area are best for your home. There are plenty of choices to make –asphalt, metal, tile, and much more. But how do you know what product in design, quality, and cost-effectiveness can meet all of your needs? The reality is, it depends on a number of variables to pick the right shingle, and each situation is different. Someone could benefit more from asphalt shingles, for instance, while another homeowner would benefit more from a metal roof. With today’s technology, almost any roofing system is successful, but knowing the pros and cons of each is the first step to finding out which one is right for you.


Here are some reasons whY Roofing Shingles Kansas City is preferred by homeowners in Kansas City, MO. It is the one roof that can tolerate years of sun exposure and extreme weather Retains a similarly new appearance for years Is highly impact resistant Can withstand weather and hurricane-force winds of up to 160 mph

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